About Us

Spree is a start up company wanting to create a single global marketplace for Official Merchandise and Tickets for the Creative Industries. Think of it as Amazon and Ticketmaster but for the Video Games, eSports, Cosplay, YouTube & Twitch, Anime & Manga, and Film & TV industries. We got fed up the amount of fraudulent items out there and jumping from site to site trying to look for these amazing merchandise. Creating Spree was the best way to discover new official merchandise and tickets from around the world and help expand these creative and incredible industries.

Trying to resolve these problems have been tough and we’re moving forward every day with new vendors and products coming on to our store for the communities to enjoy!

So what can you expect? Well…

How about fans getting access to a huge range of unique and indulging merchandise in seconds?

  • 24/7 access to the marketplace so you don’t need to wait for a convention to hunt the merchandise you need
  • Navigate through Official merchandise and tickets with of your favourite worlds and characters with ease
  • Maybe we should throw in some recommendations as well? You can then discover more incredible independents and products!

You know what, we can sell to a Global Audience as well

  • Reach customers all over the world (that’s pretty big)
  • Compelling videos telling stories of the communities
  • Sell from a small space to a mass like minded community
  • Make it easier to get out there and be discovered
  • And so much more!

And it’s good because you (yes, you) can support independent sellers and creators!

  • No need to jump from site to site anymore!
  • Support! Help the little guy out with a big dream!
  • Learn their stories as well, it’s always a nice feeling when you’ve made an impact on someones life

I think that’s it really. So, what are you waiting for? Go, Enjoy!


How did Spree get its name?

Use any word and then add “Spree” to the end of it. Also, it’s used quite a lot in a video game context as well as shopping as well

Who makes Spree?

You; the passionate creators, the beloved vendors, and the unified communities of these creative industries. We’re just humbled to be a part of it.

What’s it like to work at Spree?

We’re a small team of 5 at the moment with a common ambition and interest in video games, anime and film. Being able to contribute towards Spree’s growth either through new ideas, new productions, or new products, being able to see the effect you’ve had on the industry, and especially the community, is a constant rewarding feeling. If you want to be a part of that, then be sure to follow us on social media for any openings!

How does Spree make a difference?

We’ve teamed up with Video Game related charities, community and IP creators, and yourselves to ensure we do what we can to make someone happy. Spree is more than a company, it’s about making sure those a part of these creative industries have the best experience imaginable. The platform gives a small business a global audience and ensures when consumers are buying it goes to the right place for the right reason. By doing this allows us to remove fake and untrustworthy products and vendors, and protect the community from fraudulent items.

To summarise, we want to make sure the industry, and especially the community, is protected, nurtured, and has the resource to grow.

Do vendors get charged a lot to sell through Spree?

We built this platform to support, not exploit! We want to see vendors and businesses grow alongside us because at the end of the day, work is most enjoyable because of the people around you. So, we only charge 4% + 20p of the product sold. We still need the platform to function and ensure customers are happy of course, but we truly believe this is small price for a global and protected community.

If you want to sell on Spree, visit www.spree.global/sell-on-spree to find out more and register today!

How can I become an Spree Vendor?

It’s easy, click on “My Account” at the top and register to be a vendor or visit www.spree.global/sell-on-spree. We’ll then look at your request, make sure you withhold to the Terms of Services, and once you’re approved you can start selling!


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