We’re a small start up company trying to make a difference to an amazing industry, and we can’t do it alone.
We’re looking for like minded people to help us continue this journey. It doesn’t matter what experience you have, what you specialise in, or what time you can offer, this is an opportunity to learn as we learn creating this platform and seeing how far we can go with it 🙂

We’re in need of those who want to push in social media, digital and convention marketing, and those who want to help develop the platform and website even more 🙂 This isn’t a full time thing, this is how much time you want to put in, and we can help you as much as possible!

So if you love anime, some time to offer or the idea of being part of a start up in the creative industries, contact us at hello@spree.global and let us know what you’d like to help out in! 😀


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